bending and powder coating

"Kronos & Ko“ accomplishes element’s bending of thin-walled, electro-welded details and seamless tubes - black steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metal tubes. We have our potential for bending solid rod materials.

The products are prepared with precise bending machines with high accuracy to achieve the desired size and configuration. The bendings may be located either in one plane or extensively, by observing the angles at the bending following the requirements of the technical documentation.

The company works with own material as well as with client’s material, corresponding to the specific standards.


Bending Specification:

 1. Tubes with round cross-section
       Range with dimensions of the bended tubes – from ø8 to ø40
2. Tubes with square cross-section
        The tubes dimensions – square 20 x 20 and square 25 x 25
3. Tubes with oval cross-section
        Dimensions of the tubes – oval 26 x 12 and oval 40 x 20 with possibilities for plane of the bending for the both sizes

Bending of arcs, circles and serpentines :

Tubes with round cross-section - from φ10 to φ25 :
        – Minimal outside diameter = 280 mm.
        – Maximal outside diameter = 3000 mm. (for circle)
        – Arc bending – following a mould
Tubes with round cross-section - from φ28 to φ34:
        – Minimal outside diameter = 650 mm.
        – Maximal outside diameter = 3000 mm. (for circle)
        – Arc bending – following a mould
        • The bending of similar elements is possible as well as of a tubes with other section.
        • The step t is not precisely guaranteed.                       


Powder coating:

„Кronos & Ко„ disposes with contemporary line of electrostatic powder / polymer / coating. The large range of colors of covering - RAL is at choice from a catalogue
Technical characteristics upon coating:
     • Maximal product’s dimensions - height H = 1400 mm - Width B = 900 mm - Length L = 1200 mm
     • Maximal weight of the products - 20 kg